Areas of Expertise

Wage Protection System-WPS Complaint

We at Doha Connection have expertise when it comes to this emerging technology of WPS which helps in fast forwarding the salary transaction of employees through a third partner. In this system we provide with the following:

  • Issuance-Employee Smart Card
  • WPS Training for salary transfers
  • Complete WPS Solution

I.T Support

We boast our expertise in when it comes to I.T Support as one of our core. As our representatives are available for you 24/7. All Your problems are just one call away Our services are as follows:

  • We expertise in offering Computers, Laptops, Printers and all other Hardware according to your needs and demands in which we make sure that you are using systems that are neither under your requirement nor above as well as proper maintenance whether it be hardware problems or general troubleshooting.
  • Installation of software’s along with their licenses as we are partnered with the giants of the industry like Microsoft and other software’s like antiviruses, antimalware’s etc. to keep your systems running smoothly.
  • Regular creation of Data to have backups so if your systems are facing any technical difficulties we can just use the backup to another system and keep your productivity going.

Online Presence / Social Media / Designing

  • We offer Domain services so you can have corporate email accounts with proper timely maintenance so you won’t have to worry about anything making your confidentiality our priority.
  • Web development in which our top graphic designers will make quality websites according to the international standards, in the least time, with added benefits that you can make changes in it any time you want.
  • We also help you promote your company and product via tools being used in the world today which are social media. These are considered to be the fastest way of spreading information all around the globe in just a matter of seconds and if you are not using it you are certainly missing out on a huge chunk of profit.
  • Our Designers make the best Company Profiles, Brochures, Banners etc. customized according to your company persona which would represent you best in the eye of the customer.

ERP Solutions

  • Our expertise are not just the solutions but the processes that run at the backend. Whether if it’s a proper Attendance and payroll system, grading system or restructuring of companies whose employees range from 3 to 20000 we can cover it all to help you save costs and increase profits.
  • We have ERP Solutions for Accounting, HR, Marketing, Sales and all other cost centers to give you a proper track and reports on real time basis on what is going on and what are the current statistics of your business

Administrative / Legal Services

  • We provide all types of immigration services and consultancy.
  • We help setting up your new business where you are free to work freely in Qatar using our platform.
  • Legal translational services from English to Arabic and vice versa.

Company Formation

Our primary service is company formation and establishment in Qatar. As a foreign investor, you can rely on our corporate and professional service to help you establish your company’s presence in Qatar, establishing a safe and secure foundation for the company to thrive in the local market. After assessing the most appropriate subsidiary to assist, we can support in the end to end formation of the business, helping you navigate the red tape of establishment and helping you focus on reaching a sustainable profitable business without restriction. Our company formation services include:

  • Limited Liability Company Formation in the state of Qatar
  • Setting up Branches and Representative Trade Offices
  • Establishing Commercial Agencies
  • Offering Local Partnership
  • Offering Limited Share Partnership
  • Holding Company Formation
  • Joining Ventures

Professional Corporate PR Consulting

Our services are not limited to company formation, but also cover a much wider range extending to post-company formation activities.

  • Adding new business activities to your Commercial Registration
  • Making amendments to existing projects and activities
  • Setting up a new branch based on a government contract
  • Assisting in Sales of Shares
  • Changing Local and Foreign Partners
  • Providing Bid and Tender Support through utilizing the companies key contacts

Employee PR Consulting

Through Doha Connection  and our subsidiaries, we can assist your company with all of your employee PRO Service requirements.

Through our experienced team and key contacts at a variety of governmental entities, we can guide your company and individuals through the legal process for employee PRO Services.

Some of the most common services requested include:

  • Obtaining the Work Visa and Resident Permit for employees (Including guiding the employee through the medical and finger print process)
  • Obtaining Family Visas
  • E-Gate card application and processing
  • Driving Licenses
  • Transfer of sponsorship


Our services stretch out to include consulting in the legal, business, IT, financial, engineering, construction, and company-formation domains. Our teams provide service above the call of duty and will explore all avenues to satisfy your business needs. The experience of our senior team members, those leading the teams and those that have been venturing and driving corporations forward for decades; and the diversity of our workforce, enables us to assist in a myriad of differing domains. Doha Connection is our subsidiary responsible for providing Pro Services and multidisciplinary consulting.

Market Research

Preparation and research into the local market is often a key determinate of success for a new company establishing in the State of Qatar. Most business activities require investigation, study, and research. Hence to ensure you prosperously sail through the Qatari market, we can assist in carrying out a local market studies to learn the clear-cut facts and figures that will ease in navigating your business to success. Our team conducts research in the various fields we cover, from forming your own company and getting the ball rolling to exploring new horizons and breaking through new markets. Our market research includes the following:

  • Locating Market Needs
  • Finding Reliable Suppliers
  • Examining Required Resources
  • Estimating Cost, Profit & Loss
  • Foreseeing Business Hurdles